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Shopping Centre Cleaning

Renotek performs cleaning for large and small shopping centres, shops and other businesses.

Environment, trust and visibility are the key words in our work. This means that you can always trust that we carry out thorough and efficient work so that it can be seen - and with environmentally friendly products.

Renotek offers a tailor-made cleaning plan for shopping centres in Copenhagen and the surrounding area, that matches your wishes and needs. Stair wash is also offered on a fixed basis.

Quality is crucial for Renotek, which is why we carry out quality assurance of our work with all our customers in Copenhagen and all of Zealand.
We have some of the industry's most competent cleaners with extensive experience in the field.

Our loyal employees help every day to ensure that we can guarantee qualified and stable cleaning, and that we can enter into service agreements that meet our quality requirements.

Price for cleaning your house:

Good prices

We offer good prices for different types of cleaning.

Always available

We work all year round in different places to keep ourselves clean.

Private and business

We help with cleaning at home and in the office.

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