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Restaurant and Chain Store Cleaning

Professional cleaning and service at chain restaurants (Mcdonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken etc.) or general restaurants, café, night clubs.

We have experience in cleaning restaurants, so regardless of whether you have an Italian, Chinese or Danish restaurant, a sushi place or a pizzeria, we can give you a cleaning and service offer that suits your particular restaurant.

Renotek has developed a number of different services, and for us it is most important to provide the best cleaning and service and to give the customer a positive impression of our cleaning company and a good experience.

We also only use cleaning products of the best quality, and this also ensures a thorough, quick and efficient cleaning of your restaurant. We do not compromise on quality, but we can still give you a cleaning offer that is cheaper than many of our competitors.

Renotek is super flexible with the work schedule and offers cleaning and service every day of the week including weekends and holidays.
Restaurant cleaning typically consist of the following:

· Cleaning of kitchen

· Cleaning the dance floor and similar

· Cleaning of toilets

· Cleaning of the bar area (bar and behind the bar).

· Cleaning of tables and chairs and chair legs.

· Cleaning of pictures, glass, frames, mirrors, etc.

Good prices

We offer good prices for different types of cleaning.

Always available

We work all year round in different places to keep ourselves clean.

Private and business

We help with cleaning at home and in the office.

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