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Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is Renotek's largest service area. Our customers in daily cleaning are large and medium-sized Danish commercial companies, as well as public companies and institutions that want customized solutions with cleaning of high, stable quality all year round.

We have developed a special start-up concept that ensures new customers a quality experience from day one.

- All new assistants have completed an introductory course before being assigned a task
- At Renotek, employee's working experience is very high
- Our customer seniority is very high
- Our internal quality control really works, and therefore ensures a stable high level of quality

In relation to daily cleaning, we can solve many tasks:

– Kitchen Cleaning
– Carpet Cleaning
– Toilet Cleaning
– Main Cleaning
– Computer Cleaning
– Curtain Cleaning
– Blinds wash
- Mat cleaning

Good prices

We offer good prices for different types of cleaning.

Always available

We work all year round in different places to keep ourselves clean.

Private and business

We help with cleaning at home and in the office.

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