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Window Polishing

Shiny results in window cleaning polishing

We offer professional and attractive solutions in window cleaning and window polishing. No window cleaning job is too big, small or tall. We strive to be able to reach all types of windows, even in the most difficult places.

Contact us today on 70 70 21 42 and get a non-binding offer.

A clean and pleasant working environment, and a workplace that appears clean and inviting, contributes to employees functioning optimally.

Our window polishing can include, among other things: Glass polishing in commercial properties, offices and shops, institutions and private homes.

With a window polishing solution from Renotek, you get, among other things:

  1. Polishing of windows and interior glass
  2. Washing of window frames
  3. Washing of facades
  4. Washing of facade signage

We perform window polishing in all types of buildings, tall and low with all types of windows.

Send us an email or call 70 70 21 42 and ask for a good offer on window polishing/window cleaning. Then we prepare a completely unique and completely non-binding offer for you. We can also arrange a visit to your company by one of our consultants.

Good prices

We offer good prices for different types of cleaning.

Always available

We work all year round in different places to keep ourselves clean.

Private and business

We help with cleaning at home and in the office.

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