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Erhvervsrengøring København

If window polishing and stair washing etc is requested. as part of the offer within commercial cleaning, we can of course also offer that.

At Renotek, we offer efficient and environmentally sound commercial cleaning for all types of companies, and we always take the company's wishes and needs as a starting point when we enter into a collaboration on commercial cleaning. We always have good prices for commercial cleaning and our work is carried out with the best results.

We make sure to keep track of the cleaning in your company - then you need commercial cleaning at good prices and with a good result. When we enter into a collaboration on commercial cleaning, we always start from the company's specific needs. That’s why we always make special tailored offers for commercial cleaning, so that your company can get exactly the cleaning arrangement that suits best.

We always start with a personal conversation about commercial cleaning, and then we present an offer for commercial cleaning that is both cheap, efficient and environmentally sound

Vi ved at din virksomhed har særlige behov, og derfor tilpasser vi altid vores tilbud efter vores kunder, når vi giver et tilbud på erhvervsrengøring. Kontakt os allerede i dag på +45 53 81 25 25.

Good prices

We offer good prices for different types of cleaning.

Always available

We work all year round in different places to keep ourselves clean.

Private and business

We help with cleaning at home and in the office.

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